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11 Excuses To Skip Work And Go Fishing

11 Excuses To Skip Work And Go Fishing

11 Excuses To Skip Work And Go Fishing

There are times when work seems to be unfairly getting in the way of your fishing fun. The conditions may be perfect, or perhaps you have some new tackle that you just can’t wait any longer to try out. Whatever the reason, there are odd occasions when you need the perfect excuse for not going into work - and one that won’t result in your boss asking why a sickness bug has left you with sunburn on your head.

1. Vet’s visit

If you don’t mind tempting fate, telling your boss that you have to take your pet to the vet is not a bad excuse. It’s the sort of thing that could require you to take time off at short notice, and your dog or cat is not likely to pick up the phone to your boss and snitch. Of course, you may well have to come up with a full story about your pet’s ailments and a more on-the-ball boss might want to know why a vet’s visit is going to take more than an hour or two.

2. Sick kids

This is another one that could tempt the wrath of fate, but it is a good one for securing a whole day on the water. You might even be able to explain the sunburn by blaming it on a sit in the yard while your ailing little one took a nap. Just make sure you actually do have kids before trying this one out. You want to spend your spare time looking for fish and not for small children that you can borrow for the next take-your-kid to work day.

3. My pet died

Baitholder Hooks

We all know that pets are like family members, so you deserve a day off even if it’s just a fictional fatality, right? If it was your pet fish that died, you’ve also got the ideal excuse for packing your Baitholder Hooks and fluorocarbon Fishing Line and heading out to find some more.

Fishing Line

4. I have a migraine

What better way to ease your pain than by heading out onto the water with your 7ft Flying Fisherman Passport Spinning Rod?

7ft Flying Fisherman Passport Spinning Rod

5. Testifying in court

Legally, they can’t ask you for details, so what better excuse could there be?

6. Working from home

If there’s one thing that recent events have taught us, it's that many of us can work quite successfully from home. Of course, it could be hard explaining to your boss how you're inputting important data when you’re spotted out on the lake.

7. Schmoozing clients

Take a friend on your fishing trip and convince your boss they were a potential client who needed a little persuasion to get the business results you needed. If you didn’t seal the deal, you might even need a few more fishing trips to try to sweeten them up some more.

8. Car troubles

This is a classic excuse that rarely fails - unless your "broken-down" vehicle is spotted towing your boat away from your house, of course. You might also need to come up with a good story when the office "mechanic" hears about your troubles, which might be a problem if you’re the type of person that couldn’t name three car components if your life depended on it.

9. Head lice

Your boss and colleagues will actually thank you for taking time off from work if you tell them you’ve discovered some little creatures living in your hair and need a day off to get them treated. They don’t need to know that the only creatures you’re likely to be hunting down are the ones you find in the lake or at the shore.

10. House emergency

This is a great one that can be made to fit in with what your boss already knows about you and your home. If your fence often falls down in the wind, this is the perfect excuse to have to call a carpenter, and if your bathroom is prone to flooding, there’s a tailor-made reason why your sneakers are still a little damp when you go back to work.

11. Waiting for a delivery

There are times when you have to wait in for an important delivery that you simply couldn’t arrange to arrive outside of work hours. There’s nothing in the rule book that says you can’t sit outside while you wait, either, although your boss probably doesn’t need to know that you were sitting on a boat five miles from your home when your package was left in the shed.