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15 Things You Have In Your Tackle Box

15 Things You Have In Your Tackle Box

15 Things You Have In Your Tackle Box

If you’re going fishing, it's best to go prepared! Make sure you're ready for every potential outcome, regardless of how confident you feel about your fishing. If you find yourself without some of the essentials - and some of the not-so-obvious items - your fun might turn into a bad experience. It pays to think ahead and prep your tackle box accordingly. Here are some items you'll want to bring.

The essentials

Like most sports and pastimes, it is important to have replacements for the main tools you use, otherwise you might find yourself unable to carry out the most basic of tasks. Remember to include some, if not all, of the following in your tackle box:

Fishing line - it is recommended that fishing lines are changed once or twice a year, but you never know - the moment might come for a change when you least expect it, so keep some spare fishing lines with you. Lines can get knotted, get tangled up in the water or even need to be cut. You may even wish to consider having several types of fishing line in your box depending on what kind of water you are fishing in. The Seaguar InvizX600 12VZ600 Flourocarbon Fishing Line is one good choice.

Seaguar InvizX600 12VZ600 Flourocarbon Fishing Line

Scissors/Knife - Since there is always a possibility that you may have to cut a line, having a blade of some kind handy is always worthwhile. This Pliers and Scissors Pedestal Rapala Tool Combo is handy to have around.

Pliers and Scissors Pedestal Rapala Tool Combo

Hooks - These are an essential item; no hook, no fish! Include some spare hooks in the tackle box, but keep in mind that you might want a variety of hooks for catching different fish.

Bobber - These are particularly useful as they help to keep the bait floating on the current, giving it a more natural look that may well interest the fish enough that it will take a bite. A bobber is also helpful in indicating that a fish has taken the bait when it disappears from the surface!

Weights - Make sure you have some spares of these as they assist in dragging the bait into deeper water, attracting the attention of bigger fish that swim in those deeper waters.

The bait and lures

Make sure you think ahead; what species of fish are you looking for? This will provide a number of scenarios, such as what kind of bait these fish go for and whether you will be fishing in deeper waters.

Bait - Some people like live bait and others like plastic replicas, but it all has to be carried with you, so you might want to consider a bait can to carry any number of bait.

Lures - Variety is essential. If you’re out and discover that nothing is biting, you may well want to change it up. The Elite Zman Chatterbait, for example, is available in different colors. Remember the spares, too!

Elite Zman Chatterbait

The not-so-obvious

Some things just don’t come to mind when you’re getting ready to head out the door, so here are some reminders.

Scale - This will enable you to weigh a fish, even if it is just for bragging purposes!

Tape measure - This is useful for ensuring that you keep your captures within the legal limits; some rivers and lakes have regulations about size limits, and you don’t want to break the rules.

First aid kit - If you’re out on your own and suffer an injury, even if it’s just a line cutting your finger, you will need something close at hand to help .

Electrical tape - This has so many uses. From being used on the rod to hold parts in place if needed to acting as a bandage if you have forgotten a first aid kit, electrical tape is a versatile item.

Needle-nose pliers - These are essential for retrieving swallowed lures from a fish’s mouth, which is particularly useful when dealing with fish that have sharp teeth!

Looking after yourself

Sunglasses - They're surprisingly handy on a glaring, summer’s day, so keep a pair close at hand.

Snacks - Make no mistake: fishing takes time and patience, and if you’re having a good time, the time may pass in the blink of an eye. You are going to get hungry, so it is a good idea to make sure you have some snacks with you to keep up the energy you will inevitably need when bagging the big catch!

Fishing license - There is a good chance that water authorities will be checking up on you, so make sure that you are prepared with your license.