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20 Essential Camping Hacks And Tricks That will Make You a Camping Pro

20 Essential Camping Hacks And Tricks That will Make You a Camping Pro

20 Essential Camping Hacks And Tricks That will Make You a Camping Pro

So you've got your equipment together, you have a plan and you are ready to hit the camping trail. Yet there is something at the back of your mind; could you have prepared better? There are always some additions that can be made before and during the trip to make for a better time. Here is a list of some of those hacks and tricks that could make your camping excursion even better!


Sandpaper: Keep sandpaper handy for lighting matches.

Beeswax compound: This is a great material to use to waterproof your footwear. Cover your shoes or boots with this wax before heading off to prevent your footwear from getting ruined by excessive water.

Lighting: To generate a good amount of light for your camping area, take an opaque water bottle that serves the obvious purpose of holding water but can also be a light by strapping or taping a headlamp, such as this LED Rechargeable Headlamp, or solar light to it.

LED Rechargeable Headlamp

Foam floor tiles: You get all kinds of floor tiles made of foam to create a soft layer on the floor to cushion from the cold hard ground and provide additional insulation to keep the tent warm.

Duct tape: Surprisingly handy at repairing tents or acting as a bandage, wrap some around your water bottle for ease of access and to make it less bulky to carry.


There is nothing worse than getting ready for a nice meal after a long day trekking and finding that you have forgotten something. Was the food too big to carry? Was it too delicate? Could you not carry enough?

Eggs: One normal-sized water bottle can hold up to eight eggs. Whisk them in advance and pop them into the bottle. There's no need to worry about being delicate, and you have several omelets ready to go!

Vacuum packing: If you have the necessary equipment to do so, vacuum pack your food before you go as this will make it last a little bit longer.

Doritos: They're tasty, filling and great kindling for a fire. When your supply is starting to become a bit stale, use it to get your fire going in the evening.

Cabbage: Wrapping your food in cabbage and then putting it on hot coals to cook will stop it from getting burned.

Pots and pans: Once you have used your kitchen utensils, wrap your belt around a nearby tree with a few extra notches and hooks to hang the pots from to leave them to dry.


Toothpaste: Instead of taking a whole tube of toothpaste, make dots of paste, one for each time you are going to use it, let them dry for three days, add some baking soda and store them in a sealable bag.

Deodorant: A roll-on deodorant stick not only keeps you smelling fresh; it's also surprisingly good at settling itchiness.

Toiletries - Deodorant

Deterring ticks: Ticks are going to be a problem when you are out camping; they get everywhere but there is any easy solution. Put two parts water and one part tea tree oil in a spray bottle and use it on anything below your calf (shoes, socks, etc.) to prevent ticks from climbing up.

Microfiber towels: These types of towels are very handy as they dry out in an hour’s time and are also very easy to make compact and store away, making them ideal for camping purposes.

Mini soap: Carrying a whole bar of soap can be difficult and messy. Take a vegetable peeler to make thick soap slices for single use.

Belongings & Protection

Hot Water Bottle: Depending on the time of year that you go camping, it may be worth taking a hot water bottle with you to help on cold winter and autumn nights.

Belongings & Protection - Hot Water Bottle

Zippers with key rings: Often, you will be wearing gloves in the cold when camping, and this can make it difficult to clasp onto zippers. Attach key rings onto all your zippers on your clothes or for the tent to allow you to get a better hold.

Mosquito repellent: Johnson’s Baby Creamy Oil is not only good for your hands when helping them to recover from a day’s excursions; it also doubles up as a very good and effective mosquito repellent, perfect for all-around use before bedtime.

Organizer: Use a hanging shoe holder to hold your items, making it easily accessible and easy to hang up.

Ants: If you have a picnic table, place the bottom of each leg in a saucer of water to stop ants from climbing up and ruining your dinner.