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21 Brilliant Camping Ideas That Work in Any Situation

21 Brilliant Camping Ideas That Work in Any Situation

21 Brilliant Camping Ideas That Work in Any Situation

Camping is a fantastic way to get a bit of a break, recharge your batteries and spend some time in the great outdoors. Whether you are planning your first camping trip or you are a seasoned camper, this guide will give you some great ideas to consider in time for your next trip.


When you’re planning to sleep outside, making sure that you have decent sleeping bags is vital to getting a good night’s sleep. The market is full of every type imaginable, so it is worth taking your time and taking a look around.

Don’t sleep directly on the floor! You can buy pads and Tent Rugs to go under your sleeping bags or air mattresses for a comfortable night’s sleep that leaves you feeling refreshed and ready to explore in the morning.

Tent Rugs

Take extra blankets just in case.

Torches are a vital thing to take with you, unless you want to stagger around in the dark for a toilet break in the middle of the night! One extremely clever piece of equipment is a lantern that also doubles as a USB charging bank. Something like the Osage River LED lamp and USB Charging Bank comes in very handy on camping trips.

Osage River LED lamp and USB Charging Bank

Make sure that you have everything you need, that all tent pegs and poles are in good working order, and that you know how to put everything up before you go!


Plan where you are going beforehand, unless you like the unpredictability of just wandering around and pitching your tent when you get tired! Knowing where you are going will mean that you are less likely to get lost.

If you are planning to walk or hike, you need to make sure that you have decent walking boots.

Check the weather and make sure that you have the right clothes - and enough of them - before you go.

Make sure that you have enough water and snacks with you.

Ensure that you have comfortable backpacks and luggage if you have to take everything with you. There is nothing less enjoyable than the pain of lugging large amounts of luggage around. If there is nowhere to leave it or you have to travel a distance on foot to reach your campsite, make sure that you only take what you need, that everything is stored and packed correctly, and that your luggage is comfortable to wear.


One of the first things you need to invest in is a good-quality cooler that is sturdy yet easy to transport. A fantastic camping hack is to freeze food and drinks before putting them in the cooler.

Make sure that you take extra fuel for cooking if this is going to be your main means of cooking food! Alternatively, if you intend to build your own fire and cook this way, make sure that your equipment is kept safe and dry and that you have a lighter with you just in case.

Adequate food bags and storage boxes will help to keep food fresh, which is an absolute must on a camping trip!

Pack something to clean with and some garbage bags so you can clean up after yourself and keep all equipment hygienic.

Finally, make sure that you pack utensils!



Make sure that you plan exactly where you are going and that you know the routes you are going to take if you are planning on walking or hiking. Nobody wants to get lost! Maps and compasses, such as this Suunto Compass can be invaluable.

Suunto Compass

Check that you don’t need to worry too much about dangerous wildlife, like bears, in the area. If this is likely to be an issue, make sure that you know exactly what to do if you stumble across a dangerous animal.

Make sure that you have a way of getting help if you run into trouble. Whether it is flares or a phone signal, you should never be without some means of getting help in an emergency.

Tell people where you are going and when you plan to return, just in case. It may seem like overkill, but having a family member or neighbor knowing where you are could be extremely useful if you run into trouble while you are away.

Check whether there are rangers or any other forms of help in the area. Again, it never hurts to be prepared.

Bring a first aid kit and insect repellent!