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35 Outdoor and Camping Games for Kids

35 Outdoor and Camping Games for Kids

35 Outdoor and Camping Games for Kids

Going outside and soaking up the vitamin D is what summer is all about. It is time to enjoy the great outdoors and get active, and there are some fantastic ways to do this, whether you are on the beach, at a campsite or in your backyard. The best games are simple to explain to small children and not too complicated to play but interesting enough that older kids won’t get bored quickly. Here are 35 of the best outdoor and camping games for kids.

Playing With Water

1) Paddling pool - Kids of all ages love a paddling pool, and you can even get in yourself if it gets too hot.

2) Water Table - Fill up a water table or even a bowl with water and bath toys and let them get wet.

3) Water Balloons - Fill up balloons with water and let them play catch. It's even more fun if they burst.

4) Bubbles - You can make bubbles yourself using dish detergent. You just need to find yourself a wand.

5) Marco Polo - This game of stealth is great fun for all ages, so adults can join in, too.

6) Water Polo - This is a great competitive game if you are by a pool or the sea.

7) Lilo Racing - Grab a couple of inflatable beds and race across the pool or lake with them.

8) Fishing - Go to a river or lake and teach your kids to fish for the first time. You may even catch dinner! Don't forget a suitable rod, such as this Spinning Rod.

Spinning Rod

9) Explore a Pond - Take the kids to a local pond and let them see how many creatures and plants they can spot. They can even try to draw it or write about it to make the activity last longer.

10) Feed Ducks - Take some bread or bird food on a walk and see if you can find some ducks to feed.

Playing on Grass

11) Croquet - This is a great game to set up on the campsite as the ball is pushed rather than thrown.

12) Space hopper Race - Get some inflatable space hoppers and race across the garden. This is great fun for adults, too.

13) Swing ball- This is a great game to set up on the grass. You won’t lose the ball, either.

14) Have a Picnic - This is not strictly a game, but it is still great fun.

15) Tennis - Teach your kids to play tennis this summer and hold a tournament.

16) Obstacle Course - Set up an obstacle course and let the kids time themselves to see how fast they are.

17) Create a Sandpit - Younger kids will love a sandpit. Build one yourselves and older kids will really enjoy creating it.

18) Make Sand Sculptures - Add water to sand and you can create all kinds of sculptures.

19) Play soccer - All you need is a ball and something to use as a goal; a couple of sweaters will do.

20) Create a Treasure Hunt - Make a treasure hunt for the kids and give them clues to help them get around it.

21) Climb a Tree - Take the kids to the park and let them climb the biggest tree they can find.

Climb a Tree

22) Draw Flowers - Encourage your kids to draw the flowers they can see around them.

23) Play Hide and Seek - Go somewhere that has plenty of places to hide.

24) Plant Flowers - All kids will love planting flowers and then being able to watch them grow.

25) Play Tag - Tag is best played on the grass so it doesn’t hurt as much if you fall over.

26) Hula Hoop - These cheap plastic hoops will keep the kids entertained for hours.

Playing on the Patio

27) Hopscotch - All you need is a piece of chalk and a small stone.

28) Make a Bird Feeder - Use the patio table to create a bird feeder.

29) Pavement Art - Give the kids a piece of chalk and see how creative they can be.

30) Basketball - Hoops and balls are inexpensive and will keep the kids entertained all day.

31) Car Wash - Let older kids wash the car. You could even incentivize them to do it.

32) Buy Ice Cream - Stop for ice cream if you hear the van go past or have one locally.

33) BBQ - Kids will enjoy helping with a BBQ, and it will save you from worrying about what to have for dinner.

34) Read a Book - Teach your kids to enjoy reading in the great outdoors.


Quad Ground Bog Blind Chair

35) Take some time out to relax and chat to your kids. Portable chairs such as this Quad Ground Bog Blind Chair are ideal for a comfy heart-to-heart.