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5 Great Survival Tips Anyone Going Camping Should K

5 Great Survival Tips Anyone Going Camping Should Know

5 Great Survival Tips Anyone Going Camping Should Know

Summer is made for going outdoors with a tent and a sleeping bag and being at one with nature. If you enjoy going camping with friends and family, you are certainly not alone as it has always been a popular way to spend a long weekend or even a holiday. If you are headed for the great outdoors, here are five great survival tips anyone going camping should know and use.

How to Tackle Animals and Insects

Insects are probably going to be the biggest issue when you are camping. Bigger animals need to be kept at bay, too. Here are some tips to stay safe and bite-free:

Choose where to pitch your tent carefully - Insects often love wooded areas full of fauna. Mosquitos prefer stagnant water, so try to stay away from these areas if you do not want to be covered in insect bites.

Carry repellent spray - Insect spray tends to work on any insect. You should also take bear spray if you are going to an area known for being home to bears.

How to Tackle Animals and Insects

Avoid wearing strong fragrances - Animals have a keen sense of smell, and they will want to investigate anything that smells different.

Avoid leaving food out - This attracts larger animals known to be scavengers. Leftovers should be disposed of far away from your tent.

Bears should be dealt with according to their breed - Brown bears do not like loud noise, so be aggressive and loud if they encounter you and they should leave you alone. However, grizzly bears will see this as a threat and be more likely to attack if you are loud. Curling up in the fetal position and playing dead will work better with them.

Take A First Aid Kit

Family First Aid Kit

You should always take a well-stocked first aid kit, such as this Family First Aid Kit, when you are going camping as you never know when you might need it or what you might need it for. A basic first aid kit should consist of:

• Bandages

• Gauze Pads

• Antiseptic cream

• Sterile wipes

• Painkillers

• Tweezers

• Scissors

• Sun cream

• After-sun lotion

• Antihistamine

• Anti-diarrhea medicine

• Hand sanitizer

• Aloe Vera

• Epi-Pen

• Any prescription medication

This should be enough to provide you with all the things you will need to administer basic first aid. If this is not sufficient, you should take the injured person to the hospital to be checked out.

Take Enough to Eat and Drink

This is especially important if you are going to be camping off the beaten track or somewhere you have not been before as it may be more difficult than you think to get provisions. A general rule of thumb is to always take more than you need. It won’t matter too much if you have to bring some home with you, but it will matter a lot if you get hungry or dehydrated because you did not take enough. Canned food is easy to take on a camping trip, as are granola bars, tea, coffee, and plenty of water. Don’t forget provisions such as plates, bowls, and cutlery as well as a camping stove or material to build your own fire.

Ensure Someone Knows Where You Are

You may like the idea of going off into the wilderness for a few days and not being contactable. It can be a great way to relax and enjoy your trip. However, make sure that someone knows where you are going first. That way, if you were to run into difficulties, your loved ones will know where you are and how to direct rescue services to look for you if you fail to return. Remember that while you are away, you may not be able to get a mobile phone signal easily, so letting people know where you are before you go is important for your survival.

Survival Gadgets

Smith & Weston Night Guard Dual Beam Flashlight

Even if you want to get back to nature and not use too many gadgets while you are away, there are some essentials that you should still take with you. A flashlight, such as this Smith & Weston Night Guard Dual Beam Flashlight, or lantern is important as there may not be a lot of light on your campsite, especially on a cloudy night. Take a box of matches so you can light a fire, a phone charger in case of emergency, and a multi-tool that will be able to help you fix anything that goes wrong.

Make use of these five survival tips to make sure you have a great camping trip.