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A Beginners Guide to Fishing

A Beginners Guide to Fishing

A Beginners Guide to Fishing

In recent times, people have been increasingly taking up hobbies that give them some time outdoors. In light of the pandemic, travel restrictions are leading people to seek activities they can enjoy locally. Fishing has become a popular pastime, especially in the warmer months, and the sport is attracting women and men alike.

How should you go about learning how to fish? Is it as easy as attaching some bait, waiting a few seconds and then reeling in a fish? Unfortunately, there's more to it than that. Here is a handy guide full of tips and suggestions to help you have a successful and enjoyable fishing trip.

Know your area

The first thing you need to do is obtain a valid fishing license for the state where you are fishing. You can order these online or pick them up from angling centers or convenience stores. You can get licenses just for the day, but if you plan on going regularly, you can often save some money by getting a license for the whole year.

What you fish with depends on where you are fishing. You should use different rods and gear for lake, sea or ice fishing as the conditions are wildly different. Beginners usually start fishing with spin reels and lures or bait. Depending on what body of water you are fishing in and which type of fish you hope to attract, you could try fly-fishing and use different types of gear and reels.

Know your area

Talking to angling centers in the area or asking for advice in groups online is an invaluable way of learning which types of equipment are best for the area in which you are fishing.

Before you launch your lure or bait in the water, there are a few points of fishing etiquette that should be adhered to. First, give other anglers plenty of space! There is nothing more annoying than another person invading your space. Make sure that you do not litter, and always clean up and take all of your gear with you when you leave. Finally, if you have good luck and catch a whole load of fish, never take home more than you can eat. Be aware that it is good practice to put younger fish back and wait for species that are in abundance in that area or larger, older fish.

Choosing the Right Gear to Get Started

A rod and reel are the easiest combo for beginners. There are many different types available. Again, asking the advice of the local angling center in your area is the best way to make sure that you get off on the right foot. The weight of your line describes how strong it is, and you will need different gauges depending on what you are fishing for and where. For example, you would have a heavier gauge line for coastal fishing than lake fishing as the water is tidal and choppier.

Once you have your rod and reel set up with the appropriate line being used, it is time to talk bait. The jury is out on whether live bait or lures are more effective; it really does depend on the fish you are looking to catch and personal preference. A lot of anglers will freeze leftover bait and then thaw it out again before they use it the next time. This reduces waste.

If you are going to try using lures, there is a multitude of different types available. Lures attract fish by imitating other fish. Many people prefer lures that are designed to move in the water, like the Elite Zman Chatterbait.

Elite Zman Chatterbait

Fishing is All About Waiting

Quad Ground Bog Blind Chair

The last point in this guide is probably the most important; Fishing is a waiting game, as any experienced angler will tell you. You have to really put the hours in before you will start to see some results. For this reason, you should always ensure you take enough food, drinks and appropriate clothing with you. Two things that can make a big difference to your comfort are a rod holder and a chair. If you need a chair that is light and easy to carry, the Quad Ground Bog Blind Chair is perfect. It is sturdy enough to take anywhere you go, and at just 5.5 pounds, it means you can easily carry your other gear as well.

Enjoy yourself fishing, and good luck!