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Camping With Kids Packing Check List

Camping With Kids Packing Check List

Camping With Kids Packing Check List

In recent times, the pandemic has given people no choice but to think about stay-cations. With many beautiful areas all over the United States, what better excuse is there to try camping with your family? Whether you are a seasoned camper or trying it out for the first time, this handy guide can help you make sure that you pack everything you will need for an enjoyable vacation outdoors.

Research your area

Research your area

One thing to keep in mind is to pack what is suitable for your trip. Check that the area you are planning to camp is safe from wildlife such as bears or wolves. Make sure you keep checking the weather forecasts to ensure that you pack appropriate clothing and sun protection, if needed.

Sleeping Gear

The first thing you should think about is what tent to take with you. Make sure that it is big enough for the whole family and that there is extra space to store other items that you will take with you. Sleeping bags are an absolute must. A bit of research will need to go in to this, and you may want to go and take a look at some before you decide. There are many different sleeping bag styles and you need to check whether the bag will be warm or cool enough for the environment you are in.

For those who prefer space to move around, something like this Kamp- Rite Sleeping Bag is perfect. This sleeping bag keeps you feeling warm and cozy, and the rectangular shape means that you have plenty of room for stretching out.

Kamp- Rite Sleeping Bag

Making sure that you have an adequate air mattress and air pump included in your gear is essential while sleeping outdoors. You could even consider sleeping pads to make sure that you don’t feel any roots or rocks underneath your sleeping area. Camping pillows are also an essential item to be included in your sleeping kit. Look for ones that are easily blown up and fold or roll to a small size for ease of transport. Taking small children with you has never been easier.

Rain Fly Kamp- Rite Kid Cot

For extra peace of mind, you can purchase a Rain Fly Kamp- Rite Kid Cot. This reasonably-priced item provides a secure, elevated sleeping area for small children. The elevated position makes it easier for parents to check on their children as they sleep and provides protection from bugs and snakes while in the great outdoors. Tarpaulins can be extremely useful when camping as they offer protection for the underside of your tents and sleeping areas. They can also be used to cover up seating areas in the rain or at night and as sun shades to protect from the sun.

Think About Your Eating and Seating Areas

Whether you’re thinking about exploring the outdoors for the weekend or a much longer camping trip, having a convenient seating area is essential. This is especially important when you’re taking the kids as you probably don’t like the idea of them eating in the tent or on the ground. Making sure that you have enough clean drinking water, food and the equipment needed to cook and serve meals is a given. Packing cleaning materials including a dust pan and brush is a handy tip as this may be overlooked in your initial excitement. Even if all you take is some disinfectant, wipes and the dust pan and brush, this will go a long way toward making sure you and your family are still hygienic.

Packing the right clothing (and enough of it!)

Are you thinking about a longer camping trip with clothes washing included or just a weekend? There are many options when it comes to washing your clothes outdoors. Maybe you are happy enough to rinse clothes in water and hang them on a tree to dry, or perhaps you prefer to keep all dirty clothes separate, ready to be washed when you get home. Make sure that you are packing clothes for the family that will protect from the elements while keeping you all warm or cool as needed. Pack all of your gear in luggage that is comfortable to wear and big enough to accommodate everything that you need.

The last - and probably most important - thing that you need to pack when camping with your kids is a first aid kit. Have fun, and happy camping!