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Everything You Need for A Perfect Camping Kitchen

Everything You Need for A Perfect Camping Kitchen

Everything You Need for A Perfect Camping Kitchen

Whether you are planning on a mini break with a friend or partner or taking the family away for a summer vacation, if you’re camping, you will want to make your trip as easy and comfortable as possible. Being able to cook and prepare your daily meals will be an essential part of your trip.

Cooking in the great outdoors and with basic facilities can be fun. It requires imagination, patience and a certain amount of creativity, but preparing meals day after day can also be challenging, so being organized and ensuring you have everything you need will make a big difference.


There are some very basic utensils you will need that you can’t really do without. These include a gas stove, spare gas canisters, a kettle, mess tins, cutlery and a cup. These really should be at the top of your packing list as not only will you be using them every day, but also at every meal time.


Unless you are happy to live on soup and noodles for the duration of your trip, there are some additional extras that will make your meals a bit more adventurous and tasty. Simply by packing a frying pan, you will be able to enjoy everything from a cooked breakfast to sausages, burgers and pancakes. Don’t forget the cooking accessories. For example, a metal spatula, some food preparation knives, a colander, a mixing bowl that can double up as a salad bowl, and a cutting board are all useful.

You will also require a grill, and this Black Charcoal Tabletop Grill is perfect for outdoor living.

Black Charcoal Tabletop Grill 


If you have room, take a portable camp table and chairs so you can enjoy a beer or two as you watch the sun go down. You should also invest in some good-quality recycled plastic plates and bowls; if opting for disposable, go for eco-friendly and choose non-breakable drinking glasses.


Other useful utensils to pack include scissors, a can opener and a bottle opener. Don’t forget to bring some matches and/or a lighter.

Cleaning Up

Cleaning up is all part of the fun of outdoor living and can be a group effort. A great space-saver is a collapsible cleaning-up bowl that can be used to transport the dirty pots, pans and plates to the wash area and can then be stored away when done. Remember to take some dish soap, gloves, a brush, a cloth, a scouring pad for the pans and a towel for drying.

Water containers

All campsites should have a water refill station, so you shouldn’t have to take lots of bottled water with you. However, a few large, easy-to-carry water containers are a must, especially if the refill station isn’t situated that close to your base.


There are a few additional items you might not think of when packing that could make your life much easier. Heavy-duty garbage can liners are a must-have to collect the day's trash and then dispose of at the end of each day at the refuse station. Remember to take kitchen towels, salt and pepper, long-life milk, your favorite sauces and spices, and some food storage - either reusable plastic tubs, beeswax food wrap, or food bags. Also, don’t forget additional batteries and a basic first aid kit. The AMK Sportsman 200 Medical Kit contains a comprehensive guide wilderness and travel medicine, with useful advice on how to treat basic injuries, administer medicine, and dress and treat wounds. Other items include bandages, first aid forceps, butterfly closures and irrigation syringe.

AMK Sportsman 200 Medical Kit


Whatever the weather, don’t be tempted to cook inside your tent. If you need shelter from poor weather, make sure one side is fully open.

Guard Dog Edge Tactical Flashlight

Remember to pack a reliable, long-lasting flashlight such as the Guard Dog Edge Tactical Flashlight. This waterproof, shockproof flashlight comes with rechargeable battery, 3-pronged glass breaker/self-defence end bezel and 100,000 hour bulb life.