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25 yds 20 lb 100% Fluoro Premier Seaguar Material

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Product Description

25 yds 20 lb 100% Fluoro Premier Seaguar Material. SEAGUAR FLUORO PREMIER 100% Fluorocarbon Leader 25 yds 20 lb
  • Fluoro Premier Leader is leading the market in innovation.
  • Fluoro Premier has smaller diameters and increased strength vs. our FC and Red Label brand leaders.
  • Fluoro Premier offers incredible knot and tensile strength and is an extremely soft line with low memory.
  • Ideal for any leader fishing from 12 to 80 lbs., fresh or salt water.
  • As with all 100% Fluorocarbon products, Fluoro Premier Leader is much less visible underwater than monofilament line and virtually invisible to fish.
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